Global population to hit 7 Billion on Monday 10/31/2011

According to the global population will hit 7 Billion on Monday 10/31/2011

Global Population 15.8 billion by 2100

At the current birthrate, the world’s population, now at 7 Billion in 2011, will reach 10 billion before the end of the century, the UN Estimates. But if the global birthrate increases even slightly, the global population could soar to 15.8 billion by 2100

Source – Beijing People’s Daily.

Population Explosion

Population Explosion: Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

A work in progress…..

I don’t have any solutions other than to quit having so many children and that’s pretty hard to regulate.  If you even suggest regulating peoples freedom to have children they go ape shit.

Hell, why don’t we all have ‘18 kids and counting‘  like the Duggar family on the Discovery Channel and use up all the Earth’s resources that much quicker.

“No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood”

In 1960 the world population was estimated at 3 Billion by 1999 it was 6 Billion…

Recycling plastic bottles, using compact florescent light bulbs and driving hybrid automobiles will do little to delay mankind’s date with destiny.  Sooner or later we are going to run out of natural resources. Not just oil, but food, water and even the raw materials we use to build shelter. The earth is finite, the reproductive rate of  the human population is infinite.

Many a cartoon has been draw about leaving two rabbits in a room and a day later the room is filled with rabbits.  Humans are no different. They like to have sex and as a byproduct produce offspring.  Not that long ago there were animals larger and stronger than man than would eat him. Disease, drought, war  and natural disasters kept man’s population levels within balance with the rest of earths ecosystems.  As man ‘progressed’ he found solutions to many of these natural thinning agents. Agriculture could keep man from starving, medicine could keep humans from dying at birth and enable them to live long beyond their useful lives.

Many animal species have hundreds if not thousands of offspring at a time to make up for the fact that the majority of them will not reach maturity due to death by predator, disease or natural disaster. Man no longer has any natural predators, has become immune to most diseases and can even control his/her climate inside his/her shelter. We no longer need to have 12 children to be sure that one of them will reach an age where they will be old enough to reproduce.

Humans have spread like a swarm of locusts across the face of the earth destroying everything natural that they come in contact with.

Can we produce enough food to support all the people currently on earth? Yes. Can we do it without scarring the face of the planet? No. Can we do it without artificially manipulating the natural order of things? No.

Do humans continually kill off other species of plants and animals?  Yes.

Do humans dam streams and rivers, flatten mountains, cut down forests and pollute oceans and the skies? Yes.

What other organism on the planet does as much destruction as man? None.

What is natural about a city like New York? Nothing. Do they produce their own food or fuel? No. How long would they survive without these basic items being shipped to them on a daily basis? Not long.

The earth has a generation of people living on it who have never experienced real nature. Never bathed in a stream, cooked over an open fire and many of them have never experienced a truly star filled night that was not blotted out by high intensity mercury vapor lights and smog.

The solution? Have fewer children.  Intelligent people understand where babies come from and how to prevent creating more of them. Uneducated people do not have the funds or intelligence required to invest in contraceptives. Some societies such as the United States even reward morons who have too many children with tax breaks and entitlements, rewarding them for their stupidity.

What does a population explosion mean for you?
It means people will fight for the limited amount of resources left on the earth. More than likely you won’t see it coming.  It’s already happening in many parts of the world. Have you noticed the price of food and water increasing lately? When the politicians tell you not to worry, it’s usually the time you should start to worry.

What can you do to avoid it?
Nothing. You are too small a player caught in a global mess.  You may be able to survive on a farm growing your own food but there will be thousands of others trying to take it from you. Your chances are slim. Your best bet is to pretend everything is fine and enjoy the few remaining years you have left.

Interesting questions:

Is War a good thing? Sure it creates human misery but  how many people would be alive on earth right now if no one had been killed in wars during the last

  • 100 years
  • 200 years
  • 300 years
  • 400 years
  • 500 years
  • 1000 years


Is Plague a good thing?

How many people would now be living on the planet if the black plague had not wiped out nearly half the population of Europe in the mid 1300′s?

The Black Death took an estimated 100 million lives when the population of the earth was only 450 million people.

Today’s (2011) world population is estimated at 6.9 Billion. Imagine a disease killing 1/4 of the population in less than 4 years.

Million – 1,000,000
Billion – 1,000,000,000
Trillion – 1,000,000,000,000

 What effect on Global Warming would having the human population reduced by 3/4 produce?

Is Natural Disaster a good thing?

Over 230,000 people lost their lives in 2004 during the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami and that’s small potatoes compared to other natural disasters in the last 100 years. China had floods in the 1930′s that may have killed as many as 4 Million.

Is Famine a good thing?

In the 1930′s between 7 million and 10 million people died in the Soviet Union from Famine.


While War, Plague, Natural Disaster and Famine have cause untold human suffering how many people would be living on the planet now if every human ever born lived to 80 years old?

At what point will we have too many humans living on the planet? I would argue that we already have too many.

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